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Scorpio Scorpio Horoscope
( Oct 23 - Nov 21)

It is very likely that the moment of victory is often preceded by a moment of peril; but that is not where the danger ends. In the heat of victory, arrogance and overconfidence can push you away from what you aimed for. So, it is important for you to learn when to stop in victory. Set a goal and stop when you reach there, says Astrologer Anand.

23-06-2019 - 29-06-2019

["This week may provide you with mixed results for your physical health, but you may have to keep your mind calm. For your family and financial matters, you may feel like this week is all about progress. It is advisable for you not to trust anyone in your business. If you have any government related work, it may get delayed or you may have to face struggles as well. Businesses related to import or export may get great results during this week. There are chances of some injuries due to accidents, this you would require being cautious. Employees are likely to go on a business trip. If you have associated with any work related to foreign nations, you may even go on a foreign business trip. Government employees may change their job or get a transfer. It's recommended for you not to get indulged in any fight with your family members or neighbors during this week."]

Jun 2019

This month, your love relationship is going to fly high and experience a very fruitful time in case you plan for a wedding. Be ready for a trail of expenditures that are going to follow by in regards to the family, friends, and other delicate matters. This is your time to be very careful in matters of skin diseases caused by heat. With a little iffy stomach, your condition on the health front wouldn’t be bothered much. On the business front, if not losses, no prominent profits are seen anyway. In case you are collaborating with the government or signing contracts, there are chances of hurdles appearing mid-way and fewer profits coming your way; delay in contracts can also be seen. Arguments with government officials shouldn’t take place. Guidance from seniors is closely suggested. If children are your concern of stress, take a deep breath and boom! Your stress will be gone. Profit isn’t a very prominent element during this phase but financial stability is seen. Investing in property doesn’t seem to be a good decision- selling it off does.


For all the Scorpios, this year may have its own advantages and disadvantages, that you may have to experience as per your Scorpio 2019 yearly horoscope. Your career may take a huge leap and benefit you, because of the positive impact of Jupiter on you, during this time, informs Astrologer Anand. Although, at the starting of the year, the conditions prevailing will help you to gain success due to the concurrence of the Sun-Mercury and Venus-Jupiter, it is highly recommended to take really good care of your health by eating right and regularly exercising. Another important aspect is that during the time period between 21st June to 1st July, you may not be able to make clear decisions and come to any final conclusions, making it very difficult for you to come to any concrete judgments. This is due to the untimely and unfavourable movement of your planets which will also make you restless, worried and uneasy. This may also have a negative influence on your health which should be taken care of, at any cost. Apart from this, there are very good chances for you to indulge in travelling this year, according to your Scorpio 2019 horoscope. As far as expenditure is concerned according to your Scorpio life in 2019, there is a possibility that you may involve yourself spiritually, and spend money on various activities related to the same. You may also have to expend some on medical facilities that you may be provided with, and to add further, you may be very distressed about your children as well, all due to the effect of Saturn. This year, you will get the fruits and benefits of your hard work, and your efforts at work, thus will be considered. You will be admired, praised and respected for your work which will motivate you to give accomplish more, as is evident from your Scorpio 2019 career horoscope. For businessmen, you will get varied opportunities to expand your business with new incoming clients and new ideas to implement. So, your career graph will see an affirmed change that will boost your confidence. Scorpio in 2019, will thank their lucky stars and feel very satisfied with the results and outcomes that they will receive. For example, all your hurdles related to your ancestral property will be resolved and settled, that will remove a lot of your burden from your head. Furthermore, any court cases and legal trails will be fixed which will take away a lot of your stress and save your time, spent on the trails. As per the Scorpio 2019 predictions, it is highly advised to take care of your health by maintaining a proper diet and performing Yoga every day. It is also recommended that you meditate every day to relief yourself from all the pressure that you may experience due to overload of work. You may become tired, drained and feel discomfortable because of the extra work, and thus practicing Yoga and working on your health will free you from all the obligations. Lastly, you may have some trouble in your relationship status with your friends and family members who are elder to you, as is predicted from your 2019 Scorpio horoscope, so be careful and cautious.

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