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Cancer Cancer Horoscope
( Jun 21 - Jul 22)

You will be quite sharp at work, and equally penetrating in the matters of the heart. Though, you may temporarily lose focus, your mind will bring you back to the real world. You will work at a break-neck speed, only to be able to spend as much time as possible with your sweetheart.

19-05-2019 - 25-05-2019

For professionals, the week might prove to be reasonably good. As for business owners, you might find success in your efforts directed towards expanding your business. The week will see you busy working on someone else’s project. Also, it would be preferable to invest in government-related projects. All the efforts you put into work this week will yield positive results. For students, it is advised to make a schedule based on your examination’s time table, and it is likely for you to put your focus on difficult subjects. Family relations will be healthy this week. It is advised to maintain caution while driving and operating electronic gadgets and take care of one’s health. It is also likely during the week of a small party or small occasion taking place, and you might even receive good news from your family.

May 2019

This month may provide you with mixed results. The first half of this month may prove positive for your love and relationship, whereas the second half may cause stress. The month of May would prove amazing for your career and business. Employees may get new opportunities to showcase their talent and management skills to their boss. The first seventeen days of this month may prove great for businessmen, whereas the latter days would be a challenging period. Financially, this month may prove good for you, but you may require taking care during the last ten days to make sure there are no unnecessary expenses. You may spend great quality time with your family and feel satisfied with it. During the last week, you may have to be cautious as you would get the feeling of frustration and stress with your family as a result of some external factors. You should have to take care not to hurt your family with your behavior. Students may get positive results during the first half of this month.


Cancerians are usually very sentimental, sensitive and intuitive by nature, and your life as per 2019 Cancer horoscope may turn out to be really productive for them as matters related to finance, career and job is going to take a positive leap. Therefore, those who have a job will be appreciated and promoted, as your hard work and capabilities will lead you through the way and bestow you with the taste of success, confirms Astrologer Anand. For all the businessmen, you may get good opportunities to make new clients or implement something new, which will be favorable and advantageous for you, monetarily. You may also get a chance to enlarge and develop your business on a bigger scale and achieve a state of prosperity. The only thing that you have to make sure is to plan your moves and implement it accordingly which will assure your victory. As far as the subject related to love is concerned, two periods right from, January to March and October to December is the best time to involve yourself in a relationship. Those who intend to get married, will also find this the best suitable time to get into the association of marriage, as per Cancer 2019 horoscope. For Cancer in 2019, there is a high probability that you will either buy a new vehicle or a house this year, or if your plans to sell your property were not successful previously, this is the time to try your luck as the chances are pretty good. You will also be able to finish any renovation work left at your home and make your house a much better place to reside in. In terms of your relationship with your family, you will notice that you form a great bond and rapport with your family, which will make you feel contented and gleeful. The aura and the environment in your house will be very energetic, optimistic and cheerful, making you feel all the more blessed and delighted, according to Cancer life in 2019. Furthermore, there may be an addition to your family member, creating a perfect mood to relish the moments, during this time. Unfortunately, you may not be able to spend as much time as you wish to, as work will demand a lot from you and keep you busy, in accordance with the Cancer 2019 predictions. According to the Cancer 2019 yearly horoscope, all the students this year who is focusing on studying, this is the time to utilize all the resources and give your best shot with constant serious efforts to yield good results. One thing to accept and reflect upon during this time is, to not stop working hard, as continued hard work will always pay off and everything is achievable when you give your heart and soul to it. People who are opting to give competitive exams will also benefit, especially after the month of July. For those who are planning to pursue higher studies or thinking to go to abroad, will find this time to be in favor of them. Thus, your dreams may shape itself into a reality with hard work and perseverance, says your Cancer horoscope 2019.

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