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( Mar 21 - Apr 19)

You may be alone, but not necessarily lonely. You may want to listen to your inner voice, and express your true self creatively. Spend the evening with a loved one who can hear the music in your silence too, suggests Astrologer Anand.

23-06-2019 - 29-06-2019

["This week may provide you with mixed results for your love and relationship. There are chances of some struggles for you in conversation or in meeting your partner during this week. Your family members would support you amazingly. You may feel anxious about your parents’ health. For your health and fitness, this week may prove positive. For your career, the last week of June may provide you with mixed results. It is advisable for you to take care of your relationship with your seniors and avoid any kind of misunderstandings. The probability of some issues in your business is high during this week. If you have a business related to chemicals, medical, manufacturing or if you are indulged in import/export business, you are likely to gain great profits. You may try new offers in order to increase selling. If your money has been stuck somewhere, you may get it back during this time. For your finance and money related matters, this week is all about progress. Your income would be higher than your expenses and you would be able to save some money. It's recommended for you not to do any documentation process related to property during this time and wait for some time. If you want to sell a property, this week may favor you. Students in school would find this week a little complicated. Whereas, students in higher education or degree would find this week really positive."]

Jun 2019

June is your month of dicey ups and downs. In matters of love and close family relations, you need to be super cautious. Also, take good care of your heart and health. No need to worry about family and kids as little expenditure on health issues will remain for both you and your child. In terms of career and business, you might face issues with seniors at work. Due to a hectic schedule, you might tend to stress; do not overthink! Property deals aren’t suggested but if you still want to do one, you have to be really careful with the associate brokers. Stay away from the blame-game in the family and do not take hasty decisions in matters of property/finance. The blaming problem is going to deeply affect you and your offspring. Especially for the students of class 12th, it is recommended to focus on the studies and keep stern concentration without getting lost in the company of bad friends. College students will pay total dedication towards the career perspective and it will take them a long way.


The year 2019 for you is going to be full of ups and downs, leaving you with varied and mixed results throughout the year. During the first initial months of this year, you may feel anxiety taking over you, making you quite enraged and angry, even over petty matters in your day to day life. You may notice, that a distance is formed between you and your family members, especially with your father and your brother, creating a sort of a barrier in between which may have a negative impact on the bonding that you share with one another, all because of the effect of Mars on you.To add further, it is advised that you remain alert and cautious of what is happening around, as you may also feel disturbed, uneasy and a bit edgy due to the influence of Rahu. You may also feel that your life is turning bleak, as there are chances that you may have monetary issues or be decieved by someone or something, as per the Aries 2019 horoscope.Every cloud has a silver lining, and therefore you will experience positivity in the year 2019, which will make you feel confident and a lot better. You may witness the positive outcomes in your business in terms of getting new clients or earning good profit through sales or the stability with which it may progress. Those who have a job may also receive positive results in terms of their quality of work, or appreciation in some form which will make you feel delightful and pleased.During this period, you are also likely to recover from any physical ailments or damage of any sort, to your body as per your Aries horoscope 2019, giving you an opportunity to live a fit and a healthy life ahead. There is also an indication of your investing money on buying a new land or a property this year, safeguarding your money by expending on assets.Not just this, as per the Aries horoscope 2019 prediction, there are high chances for all of your wishes and desires to be fulfilled, leaving you with a sigh of relief and loads of contentment this year. There is a possibility that you may have to spend some money on an auspicious occasion in your family this year, so it is advised to be prepared. You will feel a positive change in you, from the inside, which will make you more polite and spiritual in your essence, as per Astrology 2019. This year will be affirmed and quite favorable for you, as your communication with your near and dear ones will increase, leaving you people without any negativities, complications or differences in the relationship that you share with each other. Travelling is something that is possible for you this year, be it for a short distance or a long one. So, you may either be willing to shift to another city to earn more money and gain more experience, or travel outside the country as it is very much probable according to the Aries horoscope 2019.Thus, whatever may be the case, but this year has the potential to make you genuinely delighted, as per the prediction 2019.

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