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Taurus Taurus Horoscope
( Apr 20 - May 20)

This day promises to be like any other.You will, as usual, begin by attending to home chores and then get caught up in your hectic office schedule. Later in the day you will, says Astrologer Anand, feel an urge to take time off and indulge in some socializing. You could, finally, be meeting your loved ones, your close friends and having a great time together.This will be a good way to end the day.

09-12-2018 - 15-12-2018

Good things take time, but there are times when we lose patience and start doubting our own efforts. You may encounter something similar this week. You may want to review your strategies and look for loopholes that may not be allowing desired results. Businessmen – refrain from taking-up new projects or going on a trip to rope in new customers as this phase may not provide you fruitful results. Also, a glitch/adversity/lack of motivation may affect your output. On the relationship front, your frank opinion may be considered as arrogance, which may hurt a dear one. Watch your words and tone before you speak, because it can, eventually cost you a relationship, says Astrologer Anand. Be polite and show compassion towards the concerned person to reinstate harmony in the relationship. Health-wise, diabetics need to be careful and take care of their food habits. Fluctuation in blood sugar levels can have dire consequences – undergo a regular check-up.

Dec 2018

Your intuitive powers and sixth sense may seem to be at work in the coming weeks. Although things may be going haywire, full of confusion, you know that eventually everything is going to be alright. After all, all’s well that ends well! You will be a happy man if you act responsibly towards family and pay heed to their needs on personal as well as the emotional front. Here, you shall win love and respect of the loved ones. However, being brutally honest with a dear one may not go down well with them, and leave them hurt. Being sugar-coated may do the trick – pass the message without any damage. On the professional front, employees’ date with technical glitch is likely to continue, mainly during the second or third week. As a result, you may have to work overtime despite fatigue and tiredness. Moreover, looming deadlines may give you sleepless nights. Astrologer Anand has an advice for businessmen – avoid taking new projects, making new deals or launching a new product during this phase; the result may not be as good as you expect and it may just lead to losing valuable capital. Influence of Mars over the 5th House is likely to keep you worked up around 20th. Moreover, Saturn in a state of combustion, associated with Malefic Ketu and mighty Sun may hamper your progress for the time being. You may feel the need to push your limits and work harder to achieve your goals. Although it may take some time, things shall eventually fall in place. Meanwhile, you may seek help from the Divine to take away your worries and give you peace of mind. Financially, you will be stable. In fact, you may get lucky during around 25th as you shall receive huge returns from an investment made earlier. Channelize your money in the right way to escape scrutiny or loss of money in future. Students’ life may be a tad difficult at this point in time – lack of pocket money, lack of concentration and part time assignments for earning money may leave them with little time for academics. Health and diet may require extra attention especially in the case of diabetics. Sugar levels need to be checked regularly to avoid any serious ailment in future.


This year is going to be a roller-coaster ride for you as per the planetary configurations, but there is nothing to get worried about, says Astrologer Anand. This year is going to be ideal for pushing yourself harder towards progress, and there are bound to be positive results of the efforts. You shall possess great clarity, both about your present circumstances as well as the future, but expect some huge challenges too, and have faith in your own abilities to tackle them and come out victorious. Also, another positive way that you can look at it is that every challenge, irrespective of whether you win or lose against it, leaves behind a valuable lesson which willmake you wiser and you will develop the abilities to deal with them much better in the future. Complacency is the last thing you should succumb to, nor take anything for granted. In other areas, expect long-distance travel, which again will broaden your mental horizons and this will come in handy in your business or profession. Keep your distance frompeople who indulge in gossiping, let your actions speak louder than your words, and keep a tight leash on your flights of fancy. In married life, give due importance to your partner.

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