Best Astrologer Pandith Anand Shastry
Libra Libra Horoscope
( Sep 23 - Oct 22)

Astrologer Anand says that today you will spend with close friends or beloved people. Your romantic nature will surely please the opposite sex. By evening your imagination will be at its peak. Ganeshji wishes you all the very best and sends you his greetings

09-12-2018 - 15-12-2018

Mainly keeping yourself busy with domestic matters, this week offers a heady mix of both, personal and professional developments. A renovation or minor repair work at home shall need your immediate attention on the home front. Businessmen shall be keen to expand their business and promote various tactics to promote sales. Rest assured, you are likely to be successful to some extent. Students pursuing graduation in science or technology will work hard, putting extra hours learning new concepts. No wonder, you shall make desired progress in near future. Post-graduate students too shall stay focused on academics. Favourable planetary alignment may facilitate socialising and developing relations with influential people. Singles may feel socially pressurised to get married and ‘settle down’. However, the family members are kind enough to give you an option between love marriage and an arranged one.

Dec 2018

Sparing time for your hobby or passion can work wonders on your personality. Besides having a refreshing effect on your psyche, it may increase your efficiency and performance at work level. This month you are likely to encounter something similar. So, if you wish to take up activities like dance, music, painting or writing, don’t hesitate and think it to be a waste of time. It’s just another way to let your creative juices flow and unleash your imagination at the workplace. Your traits of being cool, composed and down-to-earth shall score you some brownie points, and you may become a favourite one in your social circle. As the month progresses, you shall be seen giving as much attention to home affairs as to your professional assignments. A renovation or minor repair work at home is indicated here. There are chances of differences cropping up between you and your partner at this juncture. But, you being the mature one shall try to sort it out at the earliest. On the business front, you desperately want to expand your business, probably to overseas locations. At the same time, you may want to promote sales locally through smart sale tactics. As foreseen, the decision is good, which may yield beneficiary results in the long run. For professionals, the ambitious streak is likely to come to the fore. However, as Saturn is combust and Sun afflicted by wily Saturn and malefic Ketu, your professional dreams may take some time to become a reality. But, be careful; let this change not affect your current output. Career-oriented shall come across a good chance to prove their mettle through an outstation project. This shall leave you enlightened and exhilarated. Financially, you shall be stable and enjoy a strong position. However, with Mercury in retrogression, refrain from taking crucial monetary decisions for now as it may backfire. Students of science and technology have a smooth sail ahead with great attention span and being well-prepared in all the subjects. Result? Great score and appreciation galore! Singles may feel the pressure to get married; more so due to constant nagging by the elders in the family. For lovers, it’s a good time to tie the knot as all the planets seem favourably aligned for a blissful union. Although nothing major on the health front, extreme weather conditions may spoil your daily routine due to viral infection. Take antidotes for a quick recovery.


The planetary configurations early in the year suggest that you may be nursing a bruised ego, or you may be heart-broken. You probably need to mend fences -- or move on. Some of you, on the other hand, may be besotted with the charms of Cupid and shall be willing to go to any lengths to lay the foundations of a relationship with that person. However, Astrologer Anand feels it would be wise to wait for a couple of months before you make your first move. You shall make progress as a human being, your horizons will expand this year, and you shall become more outgoing, you will start befriending people and hanging out with them in order to enjoy life. In the process, though, you need top be careful not to trust anyone new too much, at least not until you know that they are absolutely trustworthy, or else it will be like asking for trouble. You career will throw up more opportunities for you to make faster progress. If you get an offer for a new job with better pay, Astrologer Anand advises you to carefully consider other factors, all the pros and cons, before you make a final decision.

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