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Leo Leo Horoscope
( Jul 23 - Aug 22)

Are you sure you did not marry your boss? Well, if you haven't, then you might have some problem with your spouse's bossy attitude. The best thing would be for you to try and sort out the individual differences with your partner. On the work front, the day will be satisfying, as you continue to mystify your opponents with your wits. So chin up and be glad, says Astrologer Anand. Just imagine the situation if you had actually married your boss?

09-12-2018 - 15-12-2018

The week may prove to be a bit challenging for the job holders and employees. But, at the same time, it may be a good learning experience which may help you to climb up the success ladder. There may be times when you may not be able to perform as per your superiors’ expectations. Here, you need to thank your stars as your boss may step-in as your friend, philosopher and guide and take you in the right direction. You feel more confident and motivated after this. Socially, you are likely to win hearts of people and command respect through your behaviour and deeds. Planets in the cosmos are highly supportive of parenthood – for those who are eager to conceive. Over the weekend, planets shuffle in a way that pushes ahead your financial prospects.

Dec 2018

You may see an early celebration of Christmas and New Year’s party as the month begins on a groovy note – friends, family and get-togethers will keep you in the best of your moods. That does not mean that you have forgotten your goals. Ambitious and headstrong as you are, your career gets an undivided focus as you refuse to give up even during the toughest times. For instance, career-oriented, professionals or job-holders may be a tad disappointed with the workplace and its environment. There may be times when you lose concentration, which eventually may affect your output. However, you compromise and try to adjust as your growing career graph is your priority as of now and nothing else shall matter. You know right – all progress take place outside the comfort zone, hence you are ready to take the challenges head on. Lions are likely to get lucky this month as they may have a superior/senior to give guidance in the right direction. A connection/association with influential people of the society is highly indicated here, which may turn into a strong relationship in near future. The combination of Sun, Mercury and Jupiter traversing through the 5th House shall shower its blessings on you – no wonder you enjoy great monetary gains which shall continue all through the month. Sun accompanying combust Jupiter in the 5th House shall aid in boosting the memory of students, making it easier for them to learn and understand the subject well.On the personal front, you are your usual self – cool and confident. Going forward, you shall be a charmer and a live wire among the social groups. Get ready for all the attention and eyes on you! Here, there are strong chances of your aesthetic sense being at work as you may plan to redecorate your home and redesign it according to your classy taste. Those of you who are planning to start a family shall have an occasion to rejoice with the news of conception. However, love birds may have to wait a little longer to start a new chapter of their life. Health will need to be taken care of. Neglecting the signs and symptoms may have dire consequences in future.


["2018 presents a tough challenge for the Lions who hog the limelight. Not only will circumstances be difficult but they will call for an inordinate amount of patience and tolerance, and you may not always have these qualities in adequate measure. On the financial front, things will be quite satisfactory with enough money pouring from different sources for you and your family to lead a comfortable life. However, things will be far from satisfactory in some areas of life, although the stars will keep showering you with opportunities to improve things in those areas. Your familial ties will be hunky dory, but the best part is that a new love is likely to blossom in your heart, and what's more, that someone special is likely to enter into matrimonial ties with you. Your rapport with your family members is likely to improve, but malefic planets may mar your relationships with your beloved. If you are doing a partnership business, your equation with your partner could sour, so avoid arguments at any cost. Ditto for your equation with your peers and superiors, so keep a strict watch on the way you behave and the words you utter. Take care of your health, which can be done through regular meditation. "]

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