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Gemini Gemini Horoscope
( May 21 - Jun 20)

Unlike the last few days, today will be hectic and demanding. You will need to attend a few social get-togethers and functions. Socializing with friends and relatives is on the cards. However, you need to be careful about your health. Expenses on medicines are indicated, says Astrologer Anand.

09-12-2018 - 15-12-2018

Once the ruler of your Sign Mercury becomes direct in motion, it shall divert all your focus towards professional goals. Now you shall put in more efforts to make desired progress. However, things may be moving at a turtle pace and this is likely to make you anxious for the time being. You may work very hard, for extended hours to achieve your objective. On the financial front, no major gain is foreseen as of now. However, you will carry out daily expenses with great ease. Singles are likely to get lucky around this time as they may bump into someone like-minded. The emotional connect and level of comfort with him/her shall prod you to enjoy physical intimacy. Health too, will be fine for most of the time of the week. Exercise regularly to stay fit.

Dec 2018

You must have learnt as a child that opportunity knocks only once; grab it when you come across it. This month, you may think that an opportunity may not be of any use to you, but it may prove to be highly fruitful and beneficial in the long run. More so, because it may up your monetary status making you financially sound. As of now, no major financial gains are foreseen here, but you will have no problems while handling daily expenses. No matter how tempting it may be, refrain from getting indulged in an unethical way to earn quick bucks. Life on the professional front is likely to be quite peaceful and sorted, especially for businessmen. Smart negotiations, lucrative deals and valuable customers – all shall be granted to you by the supreme powers in the cosmos – mainly as the ruler of you Sign Mercury becomes direct in motion, diverting all your focus towards work-related goals. However, accept the fact that things will move at a turtle’s pace for now. Employees and professionals need to be a bit careful about errors and omissions while checking the records/reports; double-check when in doubt. During the last week of the month, you shall get highly methodical at work place and you will surely garner compliments for a systematic approach towards your work. Right from the first week combust Jupiter in the company of Sun traverses through the 7th House. This indicates disputes and disharmony at the home front. Married couples – avoid getting into heated arguments and verbal spats to the extent of disrespecting each other or it may get murkier. Mantra to a healthy equation is to expect less and give more; dark clouds over your relationship may soon disperse, and you shall once again enjoy a blissful union. Family reunions and joyful gatherings are foreseen around 25th. Singles, don’t ignore the signals given by your heart; you may bump into someone like-minded and instantly develop a liking for him/her. Constant chatting and exchange of messages may aid in striking a chord, which eventually, may lead to enjoying physical intimacy. Sun in the battle with wily Saturn and Ketu shall cause sudden health troubles. Also, diabetics need to be extra careful during this phase. Visit a physician in case of serious developments on the health front. Exercise regularly; it keeps the mind and the body fit!


Except for a few phases when dark forces may rear their ugly heads, you shall have a smooth year, but not particularly a remarkable one. Overall, you shall emerge from the year feeling that you could have done much better, but you shall not be too disappointed as you would have circumvented the negative phases without any major mishap. Amongst the challenges that you may have to face this year are matters related to power,carnal relations, detrimental attachments, and the pressure to get rid of long-standing addictions. Besides, some of you may experience problems related to old age, or unreasonable fears born out of superstition. Creativity and romance are indicated this year. You may come across someone with whom you may develop a romantic relationship, but to make it last you will have to invest a lot of effort, time and resources. Astrologer Anand advises you to keep a tight fist on your financial resources and not spend any money unnecessarily. As far as your attitude to life goes, you shall have to remain calm, without losing your temper or nerve, no matter how difficult the circumstances may become. As far as relations with your near and dear ones go, mostly the status quo will be maintained and it is with them that you shall find succor.

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