Best Astrologer Pandith Anand Shastry
Cancer Cancer Horoscope
( Jun 21 - Jul 22)

The day begins with worship and havan. In the evening, guests will throng your house for a celebration You will feel sad as your trusted ones will not give you a vital clue or some important information promptly. Astrologer Anand advises you keep away from other's affairs.

09-12-2018 - 15-12-2018

The situations at both, personal and professional front are likely to be fragile – you need to handle it with care. Businessmen shall face a tough time convincing their business partner about a new action plan to grow the business and escalate the profits. If things don’t work out, don’t push things harder to have it your way. Compromise and let things happen at their pace. Married ones will be busy cajoling their spouse in order to cheer and win his/her heart. However, you may be disappointed on receiving a cold response, which eventually may leave you disturbed. But, there does not seem to be any way out, as of now. Influence of Jupiter ensures a strong financial position with a predictive and secure future.

Dec 2018

This is a month of caution and care: caution while taking risks and care about your family, friends, finance, health et al. The ruler of your Sign Moon moves through the 4th House and is influenced by wily Saturn and aggressive Mars. Here, you shall be in a dilemma while taking important decisions; confusion, delusion, disillusion shall make you whimsical at times. However, the good thing is that you will never lose focus on your goals, and that’s what matters. As a businessman, you may have big plans to expand your business, but your business partner may not be game for it. Therefore, you may have a tough time convincing your partner. Be calm and polite while making a point. Don’t sour your equation by pushing things your way. Wait for the right time to let the situation become favourable. Professionals and job-holders seem quite kicked about their new job, new profile or new assignment. This will give them an opportunity to showcase their professional skills and performance on a larger platform. Saturn will be combust around 20th and shall be less obstructive. Moreover, the positive influence of Jupiter seems quite encouraging at this point as it will give the much-needed boost to your occupational and financial front. It would be easy for you to take care of daily needs and requirements, monetarily. In fact, it’s a great time to pay off the debt, if any. On the personal front, the situation may be slightly unruly as a constant exchange of heated arguments shall pollute the home environment. Although you try your best to cajole your spouse, there’s hardly anything that changes and this may leave you disturbed. Wait until the last week of the month where planets are indicative of family unity, oneness and better time ahead. Students studying arts and commerce shall take an utmost interest in their subject, making it easier for them to learn and grasp. Health problems are like unwanted guests; they may come anytime and catch us unawares. You too shall experience something similar this month. See your doctor as and when necessary.


["Astrologer Anand foresees that this year you shall be determined to open up new doors to pave your path for progress towards success and achievement of your long-term goals. Some good news is on the way -- so rejoice !. Your finances will be in good shape, and you shall pursue creative things which will make you happy as they will relieve a lot of stress. Moreover, you may expect your bundle of joy to arrive. So, taken all in all, this year looks like being a very rosy one for you. However, there is a negative side, although it may not be serious enough to cause concern, but you will have to be careful to try and avoid it altogether, such as the times when your family may feel that in the pursuance of your professional or business goals, you may not be devoting them enough time. This is something that can easily be remedied by trying to squeeze out some time for your family, even if it is just a little, try to make it quality time, as it will more than satisfy your near and dear ones. On the financial front, the inflow of money will be satisfactory, so there's nothing to worry about. "]

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