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Aquarius Aquarius Horoscope
( Jan 20 - Feb 18)

You possess a nice quality of eloquence. Today, you will make a speech/presentation or conduct a discussion forum where everyone will love to hear your opinions. Your communication skill will help you get through the heart of someone you like. But, don't blow your own trumpet all the time, advises Astrologer Anand.

09-12-2018 - 15-12-2018

You may be in search of an avenue that may earn you some extra bucks besides your regular income – to meet your expenses effortlessly. Lack of recognition, lack of acknowledging your ability and dearth of motivational people around you shall leave you unhappy and dissatisfied. This situation takes place mainly due to two malefic traversing through 12th House. Remain unaffected by such environment and continue giving your best, advises Astrologer Anand. The combination of Mercury, Sagittarius and Jupiter moving through the 11th House is a strong indication of probable monetary gain. The inflow of money not only lifts your spirits but also leaves you in a strong position financially. Also, the three planets are likely to prove beneficial for couples eager to become parents. Students pursuing graduation shall observe a notable increase in their grasping power as they can easily learn and memorise their syllabus.

Dec 2018

["The constant shuffling of Venus is likely to bring about positive changes in your life this month. At the work front, everything shall go as per your plan; thank your systematic approach towards work. However, there are times when we have to pay for the deed of others. And we can’t do anything except taking it as a learning experience. This month, businessmen may have to face a major blunder or suffer losses due to a staff member. Here, there is no point blaming yourself or others and regretting it. Take it as a Destiny's call and move forward in life. During the mid-month you may come across an opportunity to expand your business – sales-wise as well as geographically. Due to two malefic traversing through the 12th House, career-oriented, job holders and professionals may feel demotivated at the professional level. Doing a thankless job, devoid of appreciation shall leave you upset and discontent. However, Astrologer Anand advises you to remain unaffected by such environment and continue putting in extra efforts. Towards the end of the month, you will be delegated a challenging task at the workplace. Refrain from getting nervous. Instead, take this as a chance to push ahead your prospects. The combination of Mercury, Sagittarius and Jupiter moving through the 11th House is a strong indication of probable wealth creation, making you financially stronger. You shall enjoy this position for the rest of the month. The three planets shall also favour the couples contemplating parenthood. Couples who are considering marriage shall get a green signal from Astrologer Anand as well as their families – get ready; the wedding is just around the corner! Students will have to work very hard to pursue their academic dream. The planets above will aid you in increasing your memory and grasping power. In short, you are just a few days away from enjoying success! On the health front, deal strictly with symptoms/side-effects, if any. Neglecting the issue will have dire consequences on health. Besides the routine activities, your quest for new avenues to earn extra money and execution of new, creative ideas shall keep you busy all through the month. "]


As the year kicks off, you may be feeling a bit disoriented, foretells Astrologer Anand. However, the planets suggest that you will soon gain clarity as regards the purpose of your life and shall begin to work towards it in earnest. Moreover, the planets also indicate that there is a good chance of a huge amount of money coming in from an unexpected source. So money will never be a problems for you irrespective of whether you are a businessman or a professional. However, be warned that there are some unexpected expenses also predicted for you down the line, so try and save up as much as you can while the going is good, and prepare yourself for the rainy day. This year is also good for your career. You shall feel comfortable in whatever you are doing, but you will not become complacent, and will really push yourself to preform better and better. This means that you are bound to get a good increment or a promotion when the appraisals come around. Singles in love need to be careful about making a commitment. You would do well to spend some time together, date for a few months and understand each other really very well to see whether your natures are compatible or not, and only then make a commitment.

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